Bill Eberle



     wcePublishing is part of wceDesign LLC and provides the following services:

  • affordable website hosting @ $40 per year plus the cost of a required Sectigo SSL (secure sockets layer) Certificate (least expensive about $9.50/year) and the cost for annual renewal of your domain or domains at my bulk domain purchase and renewal cost.
  • affordable website development @ $40/hour (see sample websites).
  • affordable domain name management @ $40/hour; includes yearly or scheduled domain name renewals and Domain Name System (DNS) record changes needed to host a website or to meet other requirements for the domain and its website; I can also work with a customer to find and secure a domain name or domain names they would like to own.
     Domain names are internet specific names (like wcepub.com) that DNS servers connect, via an IP (internet protocol) address, to a specific machine hosting websites (or to multiple machines acting as one for big websites).
  • editing (English) @ $40/hour.
  • custom logos, art, and Photoshop® image work @ $40/hour.
  • book design and PDF book creation and publishing @ $60/hour.
      If you would like to review my book designs please open and review the free and sample poetry books available at BillEberlePoet.com. Thank you.
  • database and spreadsheet design and development @ $75/hour.
      Note, many spreadsheet or database requirements can be met with database and spreadsheet designs I have already created.
  • educational and consulting services for all of the above.
      I am happy to do my best to teach others what I have learned and know how to do.




     I have kept costs for managing domains, hosting websites, and creating and updating websites fairly low because I want to make it easier for small businesses, artists, artisans, authors, and others to promote their businesses, their work, their interests and themselves with efficient and effective, easy‑to‑use websites that work equally well on cell phones, tablets, and computers.


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