Bill Eberle



Responsive Websites
designed to adjust to different screen sizes and work on cell phones, tablets, and computers

  •   (in alphabetical order)
  • BillEberlePoet.com
    The website I created to showcase and sell my poetry books and to create sets of my poems for public view.
  • ideartisan.com
    Created for my idea consulting business.
  • LobsterLandProperies.com
    A simple, easily expandable website created for Dan Miller’s real estate business.
  • MarioPipePlumbing.com.com
    A one page “calling card” website created for my nephew’s plumbing business.
  • StudebakerMiniatures.com
    Another one page “calling card” website created for Bill Studebaker’s miniature furniture business.
  • TiernanReidy.com
    I helped Tiernan Reidy recover this older WordPress website showcasing her ‘Tableau Vivant’ sculptures and bring the site back online with some updates and additions for her more recent work.
  • WatermanBeachStorage.com
    A simple three page website for a local self-storage business with two locations.
  •    wceDesign.com – this website.
  • wcePublishing
    wcePublishing’s main page on this website.


Older Legacy Websites
designed for computer screens; will not work well on a cell phone screen or in a narrow window

  •   (in alphabetical order)
  • ideabout.com
    A legacy personal website (circa 2008 to 2013) - fun to dig around in and has most of my poetry written up until the summer of 2013, organized both alphabetically and chronologically.
  • LiberateHawaiiTheBook.com
    Designed for Jon Olsen to present, promote and sell his book Liberate Hawai’i!
  • MaineHop2It.com
    Logo and website created to promote Dan Miller’s DJ business.
  • MaineQIP.com
    The legacy WordPress site created for my Maine Quality Information Partners (MaineQIP) database services partnership started in 2008 . . . and the only place you’ll find a copy of my old fashioned, circa 2009‑2011, 5‑page resume.
  • MidcoastPeaceAndJustice.org
    Donate domain(s), hosting, logo and website created to promote and document the Midcoast Peace & Justice Group and it’s events. This group is no longer active but the website and domain names are maintained as a live memorial to the group and its work, and also for two important individuals, Steve Burke and Olive Pierce.
  • ThomastonFoodPantry.org
    Donate domain, hosting, logo and website for the local Thomaston Food Pantry.
  • WatervilleFoodBank.org
    Donated domain, hosting, and original logo and website for food bank in the city where my MaineQIP partner lived; website later updated and maintained by other parties. I continue to donate hosting and domain renewals.
  • WeThePeopleMaine.org
    Donate domain, hosting, logo and website for organization promoting the idea that “Corporations Are Not People!” and “Money is not speech!” The petition drive failed and this organization is no longer active except as a registered Maine public benefit corporation. The website and domain names are maintained as a live memorial to the important ideas that brought this group together.