Bill Eberle



     wceDesign is a registered Maine LLC and the umbrella organization for

  • ideartisan- creative idea consultant and catalyst; the ideartisan website also has more details about me and some of the projects I’ve completed
  • wcePublishing- affordable website hosting, website development, and domain name management; online PDF book publishing; book design and editing (English); database and spreadsheet design and development; and also educational and consulting services for all of the above
  • BillEberlePoet.com- poetry books and selected poems




     Bill Eberle is also a principal stockholder/partner of the board and card game licensing companies Eon Products, Inc. (Cosmic Encounter® board game and its 7 expansions, Arrakis Dawn of the Fremen board game based on Eon’s Borderlands, and other Eon properties) and Simultaneous LLC (The Classic Dune® board game and its 3 expansions and other Classic Dune® board game properties), and also of the board, card, dice, and digital game design and licensing company Future Pastimes LLC.

     Future Pastimes manages marketing, licensing, social media, fan and publisher relationships, and new entertainment and educational product modeling and development for itself, Eon Products and Simultaneous as well as maintaining an extensive websitehighlighting all products licensed by the three companies.


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